New book: Red Star over the Pacific, 2nd edition

RED STAR cover art

A second edition of Red Star over the Pacific is forthcoming. The first edition appeared in 2010, observing that China might veer from the normal growth of a maritime great power into full-blown strategic competition with the United States, its friends and allies in Asia, and neutrals. That future is now. The second edition explores the contours of the U.S.-China strategic competition and recommends that, by necessity, Washington embrace a more risk-taking approach to the competition. Otherwise it may forfeit its alliances, its economic interests in the region, and its stewardship of freedom of the sea and the liberal system of trade and commerce as a whole.

Robert Kaplan says of the second edition:

“For many years now, James Holmes and Toshi Yoshihara have been the go-to pair for both a granular and strategic understanding of the American-Chinese naval rivalry. Their new edition of Red Star over the Pacific, a seminal work when first published, will be a requirement for everybody in the field.”

Admiral James Stavridis, author of Sea Power and Dean, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University:

“This is must reading. In their landmark Red Star over the Pacific, Toshi Yoshihara and James Holmes warned us Chinese sea power is here to stay and could veer toward aggression. Their warning was prophetic. With this second edition they help us prepare for the competitive future they foresaw.”

Captain Wayne Hughes, author of the classic Fleet Tactics:

“Those who are familiar with the Naval War College’s many past contributions to the U.S. Navy’s combat readiness in competition with other nations will be pleased to know two distinguished faculty there have written the definitive, comprehensive description of China’s growing emphasis on sea power and determination to be influential on the high seas. As more tactician than strategist I believe this book affords many clues to ways to make affordable changes in the composition and tactics needed in our Navy to retain the confidence of our Asian friends and help keep the peace or constrain the level of conflict in the Western Pacific.”

Admiral Nirmal Verma, former commander of the Indian Navy and now a Chief of Naval Operations Fellow at the Naval War College:

“In Red Star over the Pacific (2010), James Holmes and Toshi Yoshihara presciently postulated China’s game plan to become a serious oceangoing power. In this edition they meticulously analyze how since then, China is innovatively expanding its envelope of maritime dominance in the Pacific. This is not to be missed.”

And Philip Bilden, member of the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel, vice chairman of the Naval War College Foundation, and former nominee for Secretary of the Navy:

“Yoshihara and Holmes sounded an early alarm over China’s strategic maritime competition in their seminal work, Red Star over the Pacific. Their prescient warning contributed to the material shift in U.S. national security strategy in 2017 recognizing the risk and reality of great power competition in the maritime domain in the Indo-Pacific. Their updated insights in the second edition have implications for the evolution of U.S. maritime strategy, naval fleet architecture, and joint forces doctrine for the U.S. and regional allies that will reverberate across the global commons.”

A limited run of the book will appear in November 2018 before it makes its official debut in 2019.