New book: A Brief Guide to Maritime Strategy

Holmes Brief Guide

Forthcoming this November, this book will acquaint junior naval officers, congressional staffers, aspiring graduate students — really anyone who wants to know about the sea and how oceangoing peoples accomplish their goals at sea — with the basics of maritime strategy. The book is short and accessible enough to be read and digested in the few short hours naval officers have to devote to matters beyond tactics, seamanship, engineering, and administration. It will help readers understand why we do what we do when we put to sea.

Advance praise from Admiral Jim Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Dean Emeritus of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University:

“Deep into the first chapter of this brilliant strategic primer, Professor Holmes says, ‘Alfred Thayer Mahan is smiling down from heaven.’ So true — because this slender volume gathers the ‘gouge’ about strategy into a highly readable format. This is a foundational volume in the library of any naval officer or global sailor seeking to understand the role of the oceans in our turbulent world.”

From Captain Wayne Hughes Jr., Dean Emeritus of the Naval Postgraduate School and author of the landmark Fleet Tactics series:

“In his concise, jargon-free book Professor Holmes has reduced the elements of maritime strategy to their essence. Holmes brings new life to the writings of Mahan, Corbett, and other authors of naval classics by showing why our maritime nation must continue to exercise a maritime strategy in peace and war if we are to sustain our values in the future.”

And from Professor Geoffrey Till, Director of the Corbett Center for Maritime Policy and author of the Seapower series:

“This book is much more than the ‘good first word about maritime strategy’ that it says it is. Written in an accessible and readable way, it distills the thoughts of Mahan and Corbett and other key commentators to show how nations use power at sea to achieve their policy objectives.”