Select media appearances, interviews, and quotations back through 2013 (and a couple of special things from before then)

Regular guest with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang, The John Batchelor Show, 77 WABC-New York, 2014-present.

Series of interviews over the years with such outlets as El Mercurio (Chile), Thanh Nien (Vietnam), and Defense News.

Economist Special Report. “Shades of Grey: Neither War Nor Peace.” The Economist, January 25, 2018. Quoted regarding China’s small-stick diplomacy.

Rob Wittman and John Richardson. Chairman of House Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee and Chief of Naval Operations quoted from “Who Watches the Watchers in the U.S. Navy?” at “Surface Warfare: At a Crossroads,” Joint Hearing of House Seapower and Projection Forces and Readiness Subcommittees, Washington, DC, January 18, 2018.

Jha, Lalit K. “India Behaving Like Mature Power in Doklam Standoff: U.S. Expert.” Series of articles based on interview with Press Trust of India, August 11, 2017. Reprinted in Business Standard, DNA, Deccan Herald, India Today,, Outlook, Economic Times, Indian EXPRESS, The Pioneer, Times of India, Zee News, and NDTV, August 12, 2017.

Fareed Zakaria, “China’s Dangerous Precedent.” CNN Global Briefing, February 23, 2017. Interview about China’s fortification of artificial islands.

Reuters GMF Guest Chat with correspondents in Mumbai, Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong, August 11, 2016. Subject: South China Sea.

Keri Philips, interview with Australian Broadcasting Corporation regarding submarine history, May 11, 2016. Aired on ABC Radio National, May 22, 2016. Story based on interview appeared May 25 as “Submarines: The History and Future Underwater Warfare.”

Jason Fields and Matthew Gault. “Will There Be War in the South China Sea?” Podcast with Reuters and War Is Boring regarding South China Sea. Recorded May 6, 2016, published May 20, 2016.

Yong Yan, roundtable on Brad Roberts, The Case for U.S. Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century. Chinese Social Sciences Today (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), December 25, 2015. Article based on interview from December 16, 2015.

Ryan Evans, “5 Questions with Rep. Randy Forbes on Subs and Nukes.” War on the Rocks, June 22, 2015. Quoted by U.S. House Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee chairman on whether submarines will remain stealthy.

Larry Mantle, “How New Military Guidelines Will Shape Future of U.S.­Japanese Relations.” AirTalk, KPCC-National Public Radio, Los Angeles, CA, April 29, 2015. Interview about Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Washington, DC.

Featured on cover of Modern Ships (China), March 10, 2015. Interview with Lawrence Lau regarding China’s navy in the Indian Ocean, from December 2014.

J. Randy Forbes, “RIP Air-Sea Battle?The National Interest, January 29, 2015. Chairman of U.S. House Seapower Subcommittee quoted work portraying China as America’s “Voldemort.”

A. Martinez, Take Two, NPR/KPCC Southern California Public Radio, Los Angeles, December 10, 2014. Segment on deployment of laser weapons aboard USNS Ponce.

Randy Forbes, “The U.S. Army Should Pursue a Counter-A2/AD Mission.” The National Interest, October 17, 2014. Chairman of House Seapower Subcommittee quoted Ryukyus work.

Spencer Ackerman, “Carrier-Based Drone Offers Way Forward for U.S. Navy – Subject to Squabbling.” The Guardian (London), July 25, 2014. Quoted about importance of UCLASS for carrier air wings.

Walter Russell Mead, “Congress’s Strategically Myopic Defense Cuts.” The American Interest, July 16, 2014. Article about “U.S. Surrenders Naval Logistics Supremacy.”

Peter Voegli, interview about RIMPAC exercises, Swiss Public Radio, July 15, 2014.

Yukoh, Watanabe, NHK Television (Japan) on-camera interview for documentary about Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, June 12, 2014.

Wendell Minnick, interview with Defense News regarding China’s fortress fleet, June 11, 2014.

John Ruwitch, interview with ThomsonReuters about China’s fishing fleet in the South China Sea, June 10, 2014.

“What in the World?” BBC News, April 9, 2014. “A review of the best commentary on and around the world…” recommends “China Might Actually Seize Japan’s Southern Islands” among must-read commentary.

Robert Kaplan, “Beijing’s Caribbean Logic.” The National Interest, March 25, 2014. Quoted Monroe Doctrine work.

Hiro Akita, “Not Wilting under Pressure.” Nikkei Shimbun, March 16, 2014, p. 2. Story about visit to Japan Foreign Ministry and JMSDF Staff College.

Liu Gang, “Foreign Media Talk About Sino-Japanese War Breaking Out.” Wall Street Journal China, January 8, 2014. Summary of and commentary on “Asia’s Worst Nightmare” essay in The National Interest.

David Lague, “Special Report: China’s Navy Breaks Out to the High Seas.” Reuters, November 27, 2013. Reprint, Asahi Shimbun, November 27, 2013. Quoted about China’s egress through Japanese straits.

Alexander Martin, Brian Spegele, and Keith Johnson. “Philippines Aid Drive Highlights Regional Tensions.” Wall Street Journal, November 17, 2013. Quoted about China’s reluctance to provide typhoon relief.

Philippa Thomas, The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4, November 14, 2013. Interviewed about humanitarian relief for the Philippines.

Mark Mardell, “China and America: Harmony and Hostility.” BBC4, September 10 and 15, 2013. Based in part on June 2013 interview about China’s maritime strategy.

Robert Kaplan, “Geography Rules: It’s All About Spheres of Influence.” Stratfor, August 22, 2013. Quotes China work.

Mauricio, Claver-Carone, From Washington Al Mundo. Cristina Radio (SiriusXM channel 146), July 22, 2013. Interview about Japanese National Defense Program Guidelines.

Eureka Hak Wing Woo, interview with Ming Pao regarding Sino-Japanese relations, July 16, 2013.

Keith Johnson, interview with Wall Street Journal regarding support for U.S. Navy biofuels program, July 11, 2013.

Mark Mardell, interview with BBC about Chinese maritime strategy, June 13, 2013.

Lin Yang, interviews with New York Times regarding defense of Taiwan’s outlying islands, May 31 and June 5, 2013.

Vance Serchuk, “Obama’s Silence on Taiwan Masks Its Significance in Asia.” Washington Post, May 23, 2013. Referenced Red Star over the Pacific.

Sarah Mishkin, interview with Financial Times regarding Taiwan-Philippine maritime clash, May 17, 2013.

Jermyn Chow, interview with Straits Times regarding USS Freedom’s arrival in Singapore, April 20, 2013.

Mauricio Claver-Carone, From Washington Al Mundo. Cristina Radio (SiriusXM channel 146), April 17, 2013. Interview about ranking Asia-Pacific navies.

Sarah Mishkin, interview with Financial Times regarding Taiwan military, April 16, 2013.

Antonieta Rico, “Combat Coasties Needed, Professor Says.” Navy Times, April 7, 2013. Profile of Arctic/Coast Guard writings.

Shaun Waterman, “China Helps Anti-Piracy Effort As It Harries Japan’s Coast Guard.” Washington Times, March 7, 2013. Quoted about China in the Indian Ocean and East China Sea.

David Lague, “China Navy Seeks to ‘Wear Out’ Japanese Ships in Disputed Waters.” Reuters, March 6, 2013. Reprinted in outlets such as the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune,, the Sydney Morning Herald, and DefenseWeb (Africa), March 8, 2013. Story based on February 24 interview about Senkakus dispute. Carried on Congressman J. Randy Forbes’s China Caucus Blog, March 7, 2013.

Audrey McAvoy, Associated Press interview on USS Freedom deployment to Singapore, March 6, 2013.

William Lowther, “Taiwan Must Work on Self-Defense, Conference Hears.” Taipei Times, March 2, 2013, p. 3.

Michael Peck, interview with Foreign Policy about what the Death Star would look like if designed by the U.S. military, February 28, 2013.

Geoff Dyer, interview with Financial Times about Chinese maritime strategy, February 26, 2013.

Cary Huang, “As China’s Navy Grows, End of Deng’s Dictum of Keeping a Low Profile?” South China Morning Post, January 4, 2013. Quoted on geographic extent of China’s naval ambitions.

George Will, “The ‘Blue National Soil’ of China’s Navy.” Washington Post, March 20, 2011, A21. Widely reprinted at such outlets as the Times of India, People’s Daily, the Manila Times, the Orlando Sentinel, the Boston Herald, The Oregonian, the Hartford Courant, The Oklahoman, the Calgary Herald, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, the Detroit News,, the Arizona Daily Star, Buffalo News, Jewish World Review, and the Tampa Tribune. Featured on National Public Radio Website. Linked by such outlets as Forbes. Article about Red Star over the Pacific and Will’s visit to Newport.

“Banyan,” “Chasing Ghosts.” The Economist, June 11, 2009. Quoted on Asia and Mahan.